Faith, Hope, Love

Monday, March 23, 2020

Good morning Parents/Guardians,

As we begin this second week of a new routine, we are already looking forward to the blessed day when we welcome our beloved students back into our school.  That will be such a joyous day for us all!  Until then, one aspect of our lives that not only remains a constant, but now ever more present is our strong foundation of Faith.  Where and how we worship has certainly changed, but our beliefs – those which define us remains.  

I urge you to follow Pope Francis on Twitter @Pontifex and The Archdiocese of Toronto led by Cardinal Collins @archtoronto.  I also invite you to follow @LOC_YCDSB where you will find up-to-date correspondence and news pertaining to our LOC community.  

We continue to pray for our front line workers responding to COVID-19.  On behalf of our Director, Senior staff and LOC staff, thank you to the LOC community and YCDSB as a whole  for taking the advice of our Health Professionals seriously.  Please continue to care for your neighbours by social/physical distancing, self-quarantine where suggested and supporting others who truly need assistance.

Last Thursday was the feast day of St. Joseph.  St. Joseph is the patron saint of Canada.  Let us say this prayer to St. Joseph:

Gentle and humble Saint Joseph, you were chosen to be the husband of Mary and the foster father of Jesus.  Your life was guided by faith with trust in the Lord and his angels.  Be with me, as my spiritual father.  Guard me and protect me wherever I go.  Keep my heart open to the needs of others as yours was, and help me to always obey the will of God in my life.           Amen+

Once again, we pray for those suffering and for those who are caring for the sick.  We are facing many trials during our Lenten journey this year. We look for opportunities to be the face of Jesus to all those whom we encounter.  

May God bless you always.


Franco Di Marco